Snow Day!


Literature Festival

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to travel to the literature festival. We went to see the famous author – Marcia Williams. She has inspired us to create our own comic strips which we will be starting today in our literacy lesson. Here is a short video of her modelling how to create a comic for us. We even won her quiz competition and got to take home a few books!

Stone Age Tools!

The children have been making their own Stone Age tools together in forest school today. They discussed which tools they might have needed in the Stone Age and what they would have been used for!

Here they are trying out their sticks to see if they would have been the perfect size for spears!

Woodpeckers Library Trip Volunteers

We are looking for two parent volunteers who would be willing to join us for our trip to the library on Friday afternoon. We will be leaving at 1pm and will be back at school in time for pick up. Please let Miss Dutson or Miss Thompson know if you can join us.

Thank you Woodpeckers.

Starburst Rocks

Today Jays and Woodpeckers made rocks out of Sweets to help them understand the rock cycle.

First we cut our sweets into small pieces of sediment. We then applied pressure to form sedimentary rocks. Next we applied heat to turn our sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks. Finally, we mimicked the heat of the volcano (in a microwave) to turn our rock into molten lava, which became an igneous rock when it cooled.